Chairman’s Word

When we look back at the years from 1980 up to the year 2012 and beyond, we realize that there is no doubt that we have grown and are prospering in our field whilst also overcoming the challenges and difficulties we faced.

Al-Ahli Driving Center took effective steps to implement its future vision. As our reputation grew, so did we streamline our operations, and increased our clients base. In addition, we have reduced costs, and increased the Company’s revenue. These efforts continue to strengthen our position in our field.

It is hard to summarize our achievements this year, as we have achieved impressive strides on many levels. I am extremely happy to announce that our membership figures are growing rapidly, and that is reflective of our success.

Our decision was to invest in people who share our vision. This would not have been possible without the cooperation and support of our devoted employees who applied our strategies, while improving the quality of our services and committing to deliver the promise we made to our clients.

We will continue to focus on investing in existing companies to enhance product quality and improve it. We will continue to support our long-term objectives in selecting the activities and markets in which we see ourselves as having a distinguished and pioneering role.

Ali Bujsaim

Al Alahli Driving Center

Al Ahli Driving Center

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