Al Ahli Driving Center management strives to cater a diverse range of driver license applicants inside the UAE. This can only be achieved by offering our clients’ demands. Through this, the idea of establishing a Corporate Sales emerged. The section fulfills the needs of large companies with a great number of employees who seek reasonable offers and prices that suit their interests and needs. (these on the first heading only)

The Corporate Section’s features include:

  • The applicant can start training classes within a maximum of two weeks from completing all of his/her registration procedures.
  • No queuing for token number.
  • Fast response to clients’ demands.
  • A specialized team with expertise and superior capacity provides the trainee with all the needed advice and guidance .
  • Provide a corporate representative to offer a demonstration on how to register and receive forms.
  • Prepare all data related to the applicants and send it to the Company on a weekly basis.
  • Allow the applicant to retake the test within one week after his/her failure .
  • Give larger companies’ applicants the opportunity to carry out group tests
  • The mediator is the person responsible. Please call this number 0508518884

Al Ahli Driving Center

Mumtaz (VIP) is a service for VIPs. VIP clients can enjoy superior services and qualified trainers from different nationalities, and can obtain their driver’s license on the same day without the need to wait.