Light Vehicle Category (Automatic and Manual Gears)

One of Al Ahli Driving Center’s basic principals is teaching students honestly and with transparency, in addition to providing them with the required competencies, in order to master the necessary driving skills to pass their driving test.

In order to acquire light vehicle driving license the student must have the skills to be able to determine risks and take appropriate decisions accordingly at the right moment.

Al Ahli Driving Center is proud to teach students safe and easy driving in accordance with the UAE roads and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) regulations.



Instructions and Information


  • Light Vehicles licenses can only be applicable for those with minimum age of 17 years and 6 months.
  • Those who do not obtain a valid country driving license or holding one or less than two years are subject to (40) driving lessons.
  • Those who obtain two to less than five years valid country driving license are subject to (30) driving lessons.
  • Those who obtain a 5 years or more valid country license are subject to 20 driving lessons. .


Note: Practical driving lessons are being scheduled based on Regulatory Transportation Authority (RTA) regulations and training curriculum.

Al Ahli Driving Center

Mumtaz (VIP) is a service for VIPs. VIP clients can enjoy superior services and qualified trainers from different nationalities, and can obtain their driver’s license on the same day without the need to wait.