Motorcycle driving

Driving safely is important for everyone on the road, especially for motorcycle drivers. Remember that having a motorcycle license does not make you an expert in driving. Therefore, you need to register at Al Ahli Driving Center to learn all the skills and techniques for safe driving.

Al Ahli Driving Center is one of the best driving centers when it comes to teaching motorcycle driving in Dubai, and by registering with us you will become a professional motorcycle driver that drives safely using defensive driving methods.

Instructions and Information

  • Those who are 17 years or older can obtain a mechanical equipment (light – heavy) driving license (Subject to RTA’s regulation)

Al Ahli Driving Center

Mumtaz (VIP) is a service for VIPs. VIP clients can enjoy superior services and qualified trainers from different nationalities, and can obtain their driver’s license on the same day without the need to wait.