Quality Policy

Al Ahli Driving Center is one of the foremost driving centers in Dubai. It aspires to be the leading center for providing drivers with training for all motorized vehicles categories.

Al Ahli Driving Center’s management is committed to establishing, developing, and constantly improving its Quality Management System through adopting a practical approach, by collecting and analyzing data, conducting regular internal audits and reviewing and providing the best resources. The Center’s management undergo a yearly evaluation of its quality objectives and adopting new ones if need be.

This is achieved through committing to providing high quality services that are reflected in all projects and transactions made by every employee while abiding by RTA’s rules, policies and agreements related to services, regulations and local transportation.

Al Ahli Driving Center

Mumtaz (VIP) is a service for VIPs. VIP clients can enjoy superior services and qualified trainers from different nationalities, and can obtain their driver’s license on the same day without the need to wait.