Mumtaz (VIP)

What is (VIP) Service?
Mumtaz (VIP) department was established upon the request of some clients, who wish to have a department through which they can receive premium offers and services.

The management seeks to provide special services for VIPs through this department, by allowing them to complete their transactions quickly without the need to wait, especially for the commencement of classes and tests, in addition to the availability of a choice of qualified trainers from different nationalities who will provide their services according to the needs of each client.

Why Mumtaz (VIP)?

This department aims at facilitating transactions for clients, who prefer to have premium services that commensurate with their needs, in terms of classes’ and tests’ schedule

Mumtaz (VIP) Features
Al Ahli Driving Center aims at meeting all applications quickly, where students can begin taking classes and tests immediately without any delays and without being put on the waiting list.

The trainee can obtain his/ her driving license on the same day after passing both the final practical test and the traffic signs test.

Al Ahli Driving Center’s management designates a number of employees to follow up on valued VIP service clients, where each employee handles handing out the driving license, determining the time table for field classes and traffic signs tests, in addition to the final test.

There is also a waiting area for customers equipped with comfortable seats. Trainees can sit back and relax in the VIP area

For more information please call :04 3235599

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