To be one of the most acknowledged authorized driving centers in the region, and to be the center of choice for applicants wishing to learn all types of driving thereby ensuring road safety in Dubai, and across the UAE.


Al-Ahli Driving Center was established in January 1980. It is committed to providing learners with safe driving skills become safer drivers on the roads in order to save lives through giving them theoretical training on international road safety standards. The center’s students are taught with the driving laws and regulations, safe driving skills and how to avoid accidents through teaching them the most advanced safe driving maneuvers, driving etiquette, avoiding road accidents and maintaining their vehicles under control at all times.

Al Ahli Driving Center

Mumtaz (VIP) is a service for VIPs. VIP clients can enjoy superior services and qualified trainers from different nationalities, and can obtain their driver’s license on the same day without the need to wait.